[UPDATED] NFL Star Ray Rice Punches Wife Out Cold in Shocking Incident Caught on Video

Ray Rice

Update: On Monday afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens terminated Ray Rice.

Absolutely horrifying video of NFL running back Ray Rice cold cocking his then-fiancee, now wife, Janay Palmer, in a casino hotel elevator may force the NFL to rethink its slap-on-the-wrist decision to suspend Rice for a mere two games. In the video obtained by TMZ, the couple, who have a toddler daughter, appear to be exchanging words before they enter an elevator at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City. Moments later, Rice punches his fiancee twice, causing her to fall and hit her head on the railing. She passes out cold. He then drags her from the elevator.


Video of Rice pulling an unconscious Palmer from the elevator emerged when the incident first happened in February. Both were initially arrested, but charges were dropped against Palmer. Rice entered an intervention program that could mean his charge will get dropped too. The NFL instituted a two-game suspension against him. He also received a $500,000 fine, or three-paycheck fine. 

Outrage ensued at the light sentence, and the NFL subsequently said that first-time domestic assault perpetrators would receive a six-game suspension. A second incident would lead to banishment of at least a year.

At the time, Rice's team, the Baltimore Ravens, tweeted that "Janay Rice deeply regrets the role she played the night of the incident."

It's hard to tell exactly what happens before they enter the elevator. Some eagle-eyed viewers point out that it appears that Rice spits on Janay and then she makes a gesture of lightly hitting him -- but once they are in the elevator, it is clear that he either hits or pushes her, and then she heads towards him, and then he punches her with his left hand. She falls, hits the railing, and is knocked out.

People are actually debating whether or not he had the right to punch her based on this portion of video. Insane!! No, you never have the right to punch someone unless your life is being threatened, which his clearly was not.

Unfazed, Rice doesn't even bend over to see if his fiancee is okay, but picks her up by the shoulders and drags her halfway out of the elevator, where she remains sprawled on her face, her head dangling dangerously between the doors. It's a horrifically disgusting sight and a rare glimpse into exactly what happens during domestic abuse.

A two-game suspension is an absolute joke, but this is the NFL we're talking about. Let's not forget Michael Vick.

You have to wonder what Rice would think about a guy who would punch his daughter, Rayven, out cold.

Many in the celebrity and NFL world, including ESPN's Bill Simmons, are urging Rice to be fired. Some, however, are saying since Rice's wife forgave him, we should too. That's like saying if the family of a murder victim forgives, then the murder should be forgotten. A crime is a crime whether or not the victim "forgives."

Domestic violence is a very complex issue, and why Janay decided to marry him anyway is for the experts to determine. Domestic abuse victims are often brainwashed in their own way.

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But as a society we should not look the other way on domestic violence because someone is an asset to a football team. The NFL claims (somewhat dubiously) to have never seen the video until today.

Be warned, this video is graphic and disturbing:

Do you think he needs further punishment?

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