Woman Gives 14-Year-Old Girl IV for Alcohol Poisoning Instead of Calling Cops

An Idaho woman faces up to 10 years in prison after she reportedly gave a 14-year-old girl an IV for alcohol poisoning instead of calling police and making sure she received the proper medical attention.

Jennifer A. Phippen, 37, reportedly supplied liquor for the girl and a bunch of other teenagers at a birthday party thrown for a teen boy. The woman apparently made the beyond-foolish call to host the bash at her house and stood by while the girl downed several shots of alcohol and lost consciousness.

You would think that might be enough to convince an adult to quit playing the Cool Grown-up role and get this kid the help she needs, but Phippen reportedly went above and beyond to do the complete opposite in this case.


Phippen, who told paramedics she was a nurse, allegedly gave the sick girl about 400 to 500 ccs of fluid in an IV after she had vomited. She then reportedly put her into the shower to try and help her gain consciousness. It must have worked because the teen was able to walk home the next morning.

It's unclear how Phippen is connected to these teens -- whether she is a mom or friend or neighbor. We're also unsure of how police found out what had reportedly happened at the woman's home.

We do know that, if this story is true, this woman was totally irresponsible and should be ashamed of herself for putting this teen's life in danger so that she could either continue to be the "cool" adult or save her own skin -- or both.

Phibben was charged with two counts of felony injury to child for neglecting the teen's medical needs and for providing these children with alcohol. She is at Ada county jail on $300,000 bail.

Assuming she is guilty, what's a fair consequence for this woman's actions?


Image via Ada County Sheriff's Office


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