Cops Searching for 6 Men Who Brutally Assaulted a Young Mom & Her Boyfriend

Six young men are still on the run after police say they brutally beat up a young mom and her boyfriend outside of a nightclub in Missouri.

Meredith Cole, who has a 16-month-old baby, was with her DJ boyfriend, who was working at the Outland Ballroom, when she decided to step outside by herself for a little bit. While standing there, she says a gang of six young men allegedly began touching her and sexually assaulting her. Embarrassed and scared, Cole says she returned inside the club to tell her boyfriend, Alex Vessey, what had happened. When they set out to identify the suspects so they could report them to police, they got the most horrifying shock of their lives.


A surveillance video shows six young men who approached the couple and kicked and punched Vessey. One of the men can be seen punching Cole and knocking her to the ground. As she tries to get in the middle of the brawl and help Vessey, the men throw her to the ground.

The photographic proof of this assault is horrific: both Vessey and Cole suffered from several bruises and cuts to the face. Cole also fractured her ankle during the attack.

Most of the suspects are identified as African American, aside from one Caucasian male who reportedly kicked Vessey several times before running away with the other men. But Cole says she does not believe they were beat up because of their race and says the root problem was that she was sexually assaulted.

The suspects are still on the loose and police are asking that anyone with information contact Crime Stoppers at 417-869-TIPS.

As women, a lot of us forget that others may see us as easy targets when we're out and about at night by ourselves. It's unfortunate that we live in a world in which incidents like this one still take place, but this serves as an important reminder that we always need to be vigilant while out alone. Let's hope the police arrest these suspects as soon as possible.

Are you ever afraid to travel alone at night because you feel like others will see you as an easy target?

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