Mom Gets 25 Years in Prison for Killing Ex Despite Alleged Horrific Abuse

A mom of a 5-year-old girl has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for shooting her ex-husband six times in the back. Sounds like a just sentence, right? Maybe even a little lenient? But what if you knew that Tracey Grissom wore a colostomy bag and had undergone several surgeries due to vaginal and rectal damage she says her ex-husband caused her to due a brutal rape in which he told her he would make sure that "no on else ever wanted her"? If you knew that, would you still find her guilty of murder?


Grissom, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was on trial for the murder of her ex-husband, whom she shot six times in the back while he was at work. She says she had gone there to prove he was working despite the fact that he'd said he wasn't, and thus wasn't paying child support. When Hunter Grissom made a rude gesture towards her, she opened fire, in front of witnesses.

At the time of his murder, prosecutors were pursuing rape, sodomy and forcible kidnapping charges against Hunter. But his death cut that short.

However, the jury in Tracey Grissom's case were unable to hear about those charges since he'd never been convicted. In fact, they were unable to hear about Tracey's surgeries, her colostomy bag, and her allegations of long-standing abuse and rape. That was the decision of the judge, who presumably felt that unproven accusations would bias a jury.

And he would have been right. After her guilt was pronounced and restrictions on what could be said in court lifted, Tracey showed the jury her colostomy bag and described her injuries, including a hysterectomy that was allegedly the result of the abuse. Prosecutors implied the hysterectomy was the result of a labiaplasty gone wrong, which Tracey denies.

Prosecutors contended Tracey wasn't a desperate, scared, and abused woman who suffered from PTSD and who was trying to defend herself from an angry Hunter that day, but someone who coldly killed her ex to collect on his $100,000 insurance policy.

The fact that Tracey shot her ex in the back certainly did not help her case for self-defense.

But some members of the jury were so moved by Tracey's description of what she claims happened to her that they asked the judge for leniency. But she got none, with a 25-year sentence.

Her lawyer plans to appeal. Friends have started a fundraiser for that purpose.

Since Hunter isn't around to defend himself, and he was never convicted of assaults on Tracey, no one knows what happened except the two of them. But if he really did rape her and abuse her so badly that she needed surgery, she really deserved some leniency.

Do you think she deserved mercy?


Image via Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office

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