4-Year-Old Autistic Boy Found After Cops Discover 4 Bodies Near His Home

After an Amber Alert was issued and police spent the entire night searching for a missing 4-year-old autistic boy from Florida, they announced early this morning that Ismael "Tristan" Santisteban was found and is alive and well. But the gruesome details surrounding his disappearance still leave us with a great many questions and concerns for the boy.

Police were first called to the family's home on August 28 after Tristan's mother claimed a man named Adam Matos, 28, held a knife to her throat. Matos may or may not be Tristan's biological father or stepfather, but we do know he had close ties to the child. After a relative in Pennsylvania called cops because she hadn't heard from the family in a week, they made a welfare check last night and discovered a horrifying scene: four bodies were discovered dead and piled on top of one another near their home.


Police are not disclosing how the bodies of the victims are related to Tristan, but that horrible incident led to them issuing an Amber Alert for the child, whom police said they were "very, very" concerned with finding.

While searching the home, the authorities said they smelled something and noticed signs of foul play. The bodies of two women and two men were found about three-fourths a mile away from the home near a mine.

Investigators immediately suspected the missing boy might be with Matos. The suspect is from Pennsylvania, where he apparently has a criminal history of stalking and harassment. He was reportedly working as a dishwasher at a restaurant near the child's home but, after about 10 days, told his boss he had to watch his son and then disappeared.

Matos reportedly picked up his last paycheck the day after he was involved in a domestic dispute with Tristan's mother.

Matos is currently in custody, and thank goodness, Tristan is safe. Police say they're still trying to put the pieces of this crime together. Let's hope this poor child, who has been through enough as it is, can return to his mother and that she wasn't one of the victims of this horrific crime.

What do you think happened here?


Image via Pasco County Sheriff's Office

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