Cruel Teens Prank Autistic Boy With Vile Version of Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)

ice bucketThe Ice Bucket Challenge has done a lot of good with donations pouring in and awareness raised for ALS. It's a great thing, but with the good comes the bad, and so the criticizing of the ice bucket phenomenon began. Still, all the naysayers in the world aren't as bad as what happened to one teenager with autism who took the challenge in good faith while his so-called friends were up to something sinister.

These "friends" at Bay High School in Ohio had the 15-year-old's phone to record the whole thing filmed in front of a garage of what we can assume is another student's. The teen had no idea that this was instead a prank -- a heartless and what I believe criminal prank.


The video is upsetting -- you can hear the heartbreak in the voices of the family speaking out about what happened. Instead of ice and water, other teens put urine, spit, feces, and cigarette butts in the bucket they dumped onto this autistic teen who believed he was in this to do a good deed and raise awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease. They have kept the teen boy's name private and didn't release their last name. But they did want the video to be shown in order to get people to discuss bullying. This is a conversation all families need to have. Prepare yourself before you watch.

The victim didn't tell his parents of the incident but they found the video on his cellphone. They realized it was also posted to Instagram by the cruel teens behind the prank.

The boy's older brother and parents cannot believe how his peers could be so cruel. His mother said, "He was embarrassed because he did not know what the contents were until afterwards and then he didn’t want anybody to know." The family decided that something had to be done, so they took the video to the Bay Village Police Department who is now investigating and criminal charges could be filed.

I believe this is a criminal act. I applaud their bravery for coming forward and sharing this video with the media. They want to invite the dialogue in our homes so we can talk with our kids, help them understand the repercussions of bullying, give them a voice if they have been bullied. Sometimes we need to see the awfulness in order to take action -- this kind of bullying happens far too much. And the kids behind it need to be held accountable, there needs to be action taken for them to understand the hurt and harm they caused.

What do you think should happen to the teens behind this?


Image via slgckgc/Flickr

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