Parent Attacks Man Accused of Exposing Himself to Kids -- Can You Blame Him?

fists, parent assaults, Most people would probably agree that vigilantism is not a good thing. When people take the law into their own hands, bad things tend to happen. However, there are some instances that we parents can totally admit that it seems justified. Case in point: a parent assaulted a man accused of exposing himself to kids in a park restroom and the entire attack was caught on camera.



A group of residents confronted a man they say exposed his penis to children in the park bathroom. But now it's not just the alleged perv who faces criminal charges. A cellphone video shows a man mercilessly beating the accused. The man tries to get away, but he's blocked by others in the crowd. Take a look.

Now police are investigating two crimes -- the physical assault and a sex crime.

Of course what these enraged parents did was wrong. They had no right to beat the man or block his exit -- regardless of what he was allegedly doing. And being accused of a crime is completely different than being convicted of one. Plus, witnesses said that the man could not speak English, so no one could understand what he was saying during the beating.

That said, can you blame the dad for being moved to such violence? One of the most frightening realities parents face is that there are pedophiles and predators on the prowl for children. It's horrific to think of them falling victim to these monsters, especially in a park where they play every day.

Do you think this dad should be charged with assault?


Image via © 2/RunPhoto/Ocean/Corbis

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