Groom Hauled to Jail After Wedding for Bad Behavior With Pregnant Waitress

Is it too early to consider divorce? One bride's marriage went horribly awry just minutes after she and the groom were pronounced man and wife. Newlywed Edyta Williams had no sooner said her "I do"s than her brand spanking new husband, Mark Williams, was hauled off to jail after allegedly trying to force a pregnant waitress to drink alcohol, getting "touchy-feely" with her, and then getting into a brawl with the waitress's boyfriend.


The couple had just gotten married on a river cruise down Pittsburgh's Monongahela River when all hell broke loose. The groom supposedly tried to force a pregnant waitress to do shots with him, then rubbed her head and body, and got "touchy feely" with her. Feeling uncomfortable, the waitress called her boyfriend to pick her up when the wedding cruise docked.

When the boyfriend arrived, he reportedly confronted the handsy groom, and the two traded punches. That's when the groom's brother and a groomsman jumped into the fray.

The groom's brother, David Williams, who is himself a Pennsylvania State trooper, allegedly refused police orders and reportedly assaulted two police officers who arrived on the scene.

The groomsman then punched a car window, causing blood to spurt all over the wedding party. And just in case things weren't weird enough, the groomsman then reportedly began yelling that he was HIV positive -- which he later denied saying.

The three men were hauled off to the pokey with multiple charges while the bride stood by looking shocked. Probably not how she was imagining her wedding night.

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I'm just gonna take a wild guess here and say that the wedding was open bar.

Have you ever been to a crazy wedding?


Image via Timothy Marsee/Flickr

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