Dog-Kicking CEO Finally Gets Exactly What He Deserves (VIDEO)

Centerplate CEO
Is Centerplate CEO Desmond Hague the worst man in the entire world? Speaking objectively, I suppose he isn't, but based on the camera footage of him abusing the crap out of a scared dog, I'm going to go ahead and issue him the title of "Completely Despicable Excuse for a Human Being."

Ten days ago, surveillance video emerged of Hague in a Vancouver hotel elevator with Sade, a 1-year-old Doberman Pinscher. In the footage, Hague is seen repeatedly kicking Sade as she cowers, and yanking her leash hard enough to lift her off the floor. Public backlash was swift, with a petition asking for Hague to be fired from Centerplate, a food vendor company who has contracts with many sports and entertainment venues in Canada, North America, and the UK.

After days of Centerplate trying to do damage control over their CEO's actions, continued public criticism brought today's announcement -- which is a huge win for animal lovers everywhere.


Here's a YouTube version of the security footage, and I'll warn you, it's upsetting to watch.

Once the video went viral, Hague issued a statement via his attorney, saying the incident was “completely and utterly out of character.” He continued: “I am ashamed and deeply embarrassed ... a minor frustration with a friend’s pet caused me to lose control of my emotional response ... I would like to extend my apology to my family, company, and clients, as I understand that this has also reflected negatively on them.”

By the way, there's been all kinds of confusion over who really owned the dog. It sounds like when the SPCA arrived at his apartment to investigate, Hague said the dog was his, but after everything went public, a second individual claimed ownership (probably because Hague was scrambling to distance himself from this). Either way, the SPCA has recommended abuse charges, and the case is now before the BC Crown Counsel.

Centerplate originally announced that Hague would be placed on probation, donate $100,000, and volunteer 1,000 hours with animal charities, but the public wasn't satisfied. Some sports fans claimed they’d refuse to purchase food at stadiums serviced by Centerplate, and the petition calling for Hague's firing had more than 180,000 signatures by the end of the holiday weekend.

Today the company issued the following statement:

Centerplate’s board of directors announced today that Chris Verros has been appointed to the role of acting president and chief executive officer, effective immediately, following the resignation of Desmond Hague from the company. The decision comes as a result of Hague’s personal misconduct involving the mistreatment of an animal in his care.

“We want to reiterate that we do not condone nor would we ever overlook the abuse of animals,” said Joe O’Donnell, chairman of the board of directors for Centerplate. “Following an extended review of the incident involving Mr. Hague, I’d like to apologize for the distress that this situation has caused to so many; but also thank our employees, clients and guests who expressed their feelings about this incident. Their voices helped us to frame our deliberations during this very unusual and unfortunate set of circumstances.”

In other words, the continued backlash pretty much led them to this decision, which I think is awesome. I just wish he would have had to endure the additional disgrace of having it described as a termination, which it almost certainly was. Score one for poor Sade, who I hope has a safe new home where her owners give her cuddles instead of abuse.

Do you think this CEO deserved to lose his job?

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