Mom Calls Police After Swing Set Argument With Another Parent

swing setWe have all witnessed bad behavior on the playground ... and I'm not just talking about the kids. One mom recently called the police on a dad who tried to force her daughter off the swings so that his own child could have a turn. The details are more than just a little startling.


Apparently, a mom was pushing her little girl on the swing set when a dad approached and said he was waiting for a swing. The mom replied that she would be another five minutes, to which the dad stopped the swing and physically tried to remove the woman's daughter. 

The mom was so alarmed, she called the police on the aggressive father. His behavior sounds pretty outrageous, right? Most parents would freak out about a stranger manhandling their child for any reason. However, the issue has divided parents. Some feel that he deserves to be arrested for his actions while others say the mom totally overreacted.

For me, it forces more questions. How long was this mother hogging the swing? We have all rolled our eyes at that mom who seems oblivious to the fact that there are children on the playground other than hers. Who knows what kind of attitude she threw at that dad? That said, he had no right to touch her child. I suppose, if I really felt as threatened as this mom says she did, I would call the police too. Nothing can enrage a mother more than when she thinks her child is being mistreated. So regardless of how angry or annoyed this father may have been, he should have handled the situation differently. He certainly wouldn't want someone to treat his kid that way. Fortunately for him, she did not press charges. 

Do you think this mom overreacted? 


Image via © Saed Hindash/Star Ledger/Corbis

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