More Than 30 Teens Escape From Juvenile Detention Center Overnight

An astounding number of teens -- 32 in total -- reportedly escaped the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center in Nashville last night. Police are still searching for 17 youth offenders who remain on the loose.

Cops say the incident happened at around 11 p.m. last night after a shift change at the detention center. The kids, ages 14 to 19, reportedly crawled through an open spot in the fence that surrounds the yard's facility and fled on foot. Authorities are unsure of whether the escape was spontaneous or planned out.


Most of the teens at Woodland Hills have committed three or more felonies. Rob Johnson, a spokesman for the center, says staffing is always lighter at night and that he believes the teens likely planned an escape knowing this, but that he couldn't confirm that yet.

After their escape, two of the kids were found immediately and several others were picked up during the course of the night.

A total of 78 teens were being held at the center at the time they busted out -- so 41 percent of the juveniles had managed to break free.

And, apparently, this isn't the first time the center has faced a similar security breach. In May, about 6 teens escaped from their dorm rooms and attempted to leave the facility but were captured before they made it out.

Johnson says the atmosphere at the center is calm and back under control today.

Are you surprised so many teens were able to escape a locked-down juvenile detention center? 


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