Terrifying Scene Caught on Tape as Dad Chases Hijacked Car With His Baby in It (WATCH)

One man in Seattle had the scare of his life on Thursday, as a carjacker hopped in his vehicle and drove off. I mean, that's not the absolute end of the world, per se, but it gets to be the stuff of nightmares when you realize that his baby daughter was strapped into the backseat when it happened.

Incredibly, the whole incident was caught on tape, as the convenience store surveillance cameras caught the scene from multiple angles. The unnamed dad can be seen chasing after the SUV, and witnesses say he was screaming, "My baby! My baby!"


The dad left his car running in the parking lot of a convenience store while he ran in for a quick minute. Another man can be seen casing the vehicle, before he jumps in and drives off. The father chases after them for a moment until it becomes obvious he won't catch them, and then runs across the street to the fire station.

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It wasn't quite 20 minutes later when the SUV was found by police in a helicopter less than a mile from the store. Baby girl was just fine, praise God, and I'm guessing the thief decided that kidnapping charges were more than he bargained for.

25-year-old Estevan L. Sanchez was arrested at a nearby taco shop, and is being held on $500,000 bail for kidnapping and theft. Looks like he didn't escape those kidnapping charges after all.

Seattle police have taken the opportunity to remind parents not to leave their kids alone in the car.

Take a look at the video, and remember it next time you're debating leaving your young children unattended in a car.

Would you ever leave your kid alone in a car again if this happened to you?


Image via KOMO/Flickr

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