Dad Tased In Front of His Children (VIDEO)

taserEast St. Paul, Minnesota, resident Christopher Lollie was on his way to pick up his kids from school when he got there a little early and did what most parents would do -- have a seat in a public area to wait until it was time. Lollie said he had about 10 minutes to spare before his kids were released and during that time he was approached by an "irate man." Lollie began walking toward the school entrance through the skyway when a female police officer began walking with him and asking for his name. That's when Lollie began filming the incident on his phone.

From the video, we can hear that Lollie is calm; he questions why he is being targeted as he should. He was doing nothing wrong. He's a dad there to pick up his kids. It starts to get more tense when a male officer approaches and that's when tears began filling my eyes. Even before they taser him with his kids right there.


Warning: This video is very upsetting.

The incident took place in January, but Lollie (who is a musician) just got his phone back. He was targeted. He was tasered. He was taken to jail. For nothing. In his words, it's because he is black.

I'm a white woman. I have never been approached by cops and asked my name while sitting in a public area. I have however done exactly what Lollie did -- arrived early to get my children and waited for them. I don't have many experience involving the cops. I can only recall instances when I've been pulled over while driving -- I get nervous even when I've done nothing wrong -- perhaps more nervous when I know I've done nothing wrong. I've felt that feeling of being perplexed, of wondering why, what do the cops want with me, what did I do? But what I've felt is nothing like what Lollie felt -- racial discrimination. We live in a world where people are targeted because of the color of their skin, because of how they look. And it's not okay. What does this teach our kids? What does this say about our society?

Lollie's calm voice stays with me. He is asking all the same questions I would assume I would ask, what most people would ask if they were in his exact situation. And when I hear the officer begin to taser him, when I hear the sound of the taser and Lollie in pain, it's too much. I just can't help but ask why, how have we as a society come so far only to go so backward? This dad hasn't broken any laws, but he was harassed, grabbed by the cops, tasered with his children right there, even as he gently tries to remind the officers that he hasn't done anything wrong.

Peacefully he says, "Come on, brother -- this is assault." To which the officer replied, "I'm not here to argue, and I'm not your brother" and then "Put your hands behind your back, or this is gonna get ugly" followed by "You're gonna get Tased." Lollie asks not to be choked, his cries are painful for the listener. "My kids are right there!" he says and you can feel his pain, his concern, the weight and severity of the situation.

Lollie has posted the video and titled it "Black man taken to jail for sitting in public area" and he hopes to raise awareness of this injustice, and for people to learn their rights.

What do you think of this situation? Did the cops use excessive force? Do you believe Lollie should have been left alone?


Image via Marcelo Freixo/Flickr

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