Pediatric Nurse Fostering 2-Month-Old Preemie Charged With Horrific Crime

Pediatric Nurse Child MolesterAnd now in news that will twist your heart and cause tears to well up in your eyes ... a pediatric nurse in Southern California has been charged with one of the most horrific crimes you can imagine.

50-year-old Michael William Lutts has been accused of molesting the 2-month-old preemie baby boy he took home to foster. Investigators are turning to the public to find more potential victims, while Lutts pleaded not guilty in federal court Wednesday to a charge of sexually abusing a child.


Weep with me now.

Lutts is a pediatric nurse in San Diego, and on August 4, was given custody of a 2-month-old infant who had been prematurely born, according to FBI reports.

It is believed that he began sexually molesting the boy the same day. The FBI seized "recorded images and video on a cellphone" during a raid of his home this week. They claim that time stamps on the images show that the baby was abused for at least 10 days.

FBI spokesman Darrell Foxworth said, "In my 28 years of being an FBI agent, it's one of the more disturbing cases ... you look at the age of the victim here. This is a helpless child."

Authorities began investigating Lutts after he was linked to an email account that may have been "used to send child porn images to a suspected distributor." After the search of his home, they allegedly found more child pornography on computers, hard drives, CDs, and other media.

They are of course looking for other victims, as Lutts' profession gave him ample access to helpless children. Helpless children in hospitals. Sick babies. The horror is just too much to imagine.

This is a man who supposedly dedicated his life to helping children, and now he's been charged with doing one of the very worst things you can do to a child. Absolutely sickening to think there are people who would exploit babies like this in the world.

Does your heart ache hearing this story?


Image via FBI San Diego

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