‘Cops’ Crew Member Accidentally Killed While Filming Shootout

cops cameraman

There is a reason the long-running series Cops was an instant hit. It put viewers right there in the action. For every tense standoff, every police chase, every takedown, those cameras were just inches away. Though many people probably don't think about it, that job comes with some serious risk. An Omaha police officer accidentally killed a crew member during a shootout being filmed for the show.


It all started with an armed robbery at a Wendy's fast food restaurant. A man identified as 32-year-old Cortez Washington was holding the place up. Police and two Cops crew members arrived. They started to enter the eatery, and the gunfire began.

Police say that Washington started firing first, and when they shot back, audio supervisor Bryce Dion got caught in the crossfire before even stepping foot inside the Wendy's. He collapsed in the parking lot after the bullet entered his left arm and slipped in between the bulletproof vest his was wearing.

Of course, they called for help immediately but emergency services technicians couldn't revive him. Producers described Dion as talented and "one of our best." Though it's the first time a crew member has been killed in the show's 25-year history, it highlights just how dangerous that job is.

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Had you ever thought that working on Cops was a dangerous job before this?


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