Babysitter Arrested for Stabbing Dad Who Turned Down Her Advances

babysitter stabs dad

There is no doubt that you have heard your fair share of crazy caregiver stories, but this one may still shock you. A Florida babysitter was arrested for stabbing a dad who refused to have sex with her. What she did to that poor father is frightening.


Shakieria Anquanette Shan Long allegedly became enraged when Eugene Sylvester rebuffed her advances. Both were hanging at a neighborhood barbecue when the woman began screaming that she wanted to have sex with him. We should note that witnesses say she was drunk. When Sylvester refused and went home to his bedroom, Long stormed in with a knife and started jabbing at his throat.

A witness helped Sylvester out of the house, but says that Long proceeded to chase them down the street and began punching him in the face. This is the woman he trusts to babysit his children?

Now Long may face felony battery charges, but Sylvester, who had to get stitches in his neck, said he didn't want to press charges because she was intoxicated and has mental health issues.

Again, I must ask, this is the woman he trusts to care for his children? I suppose he should count his lucky stars that nothing has ever happened to them. Clearly this is a bizarre situation. It's hard not to feel awful for everyone involved -- especially those kids.

Do you think the dad should press charges?


Image via © Maurici Mayol/age fotostock Spain S.L./Corbis

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