Man Who Hid in 7-Year-Old Girl's Closet Left Disturbing Evidence (VIDEO)

Every child fears the bogeyman in the closet, but this one little girl's fears turned out to be all too real. A 7-year-old girl in Salem, Oregon, was fast asleep when she woke up and found a man stepping over her on her bed. He then opened a window and fled. Shockingly, police believe the man had broken in hours earlier and had been hiding in the girl's closet.


The mom was horrified when she heard her daughter's story -- though at first she wondered if her daughter was dreaming. But the screen on the ground outside the window confirmed someone had indeed been there. In fact, it would turn out that he had likely been hiding in the girl's closet for hours.

Cops found a photograph (unclear of what) inside the girl's closet, and the man had also been in the house for so long that he'd been able to replace the cartoon in the girl's DVD player with a porno tape.

Shockingly, it appears the man may be a serial weirdo because a similar incident happened an hour later at another house when a woman woke up when she sensed someone standing over her bed. As the man reached out to touch her, she screamed and he fled.

This guy sounds like he may be escalating in his behavior, and it might not be long before his creepy closet-hiding stunt turns into something much more violent.

Luckily, the man fled when the little girl awoke to him stepping on her bed, but the mom is horrified that he was in the closet when she said goodnight to her little girl and left the room. She told Fox 12:

To know that a man was in my home when I got here. To know he heard me go in there to tell my daughter 'Good night, I love you, I'll see you in the morning.' Very scary.

Very scary indeed! Hopefully this man is found before something worse happens.



Image via Fox 12

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