Babysitter Accused of Setting Fire to Home of Family With 'Disrespectful' Kids (VIDEO)

A babysitter has been accused of burning down the house of the children she babysat for. Martha Carolyn Dreher watched the children for a couple who live apart in Austin, Texas. The pair have 5-year-old twin boys as well as two preteen girls. On a night when the father was out of town with the girls, Dreher was watching the twins at their mom's house. She reportedly told them she wanted to "grab popcorn" at the dad's house and drove there with the twins. She allegedly went inside, left the twins in the car, and started a fire in the preteens' bedrooms. Allegedly, she had a "vendetta" against the girls.


Dreher, 57, reportedly had watched the girls recently and claimed they were "horrible" and "disrespectful" to her and that she didn't want to watch them anymore. But she was still babysitting the youngest siblings at a different house.

Investigators say they watched surveillance video that showed Dreher entering the home and the beginnings of flames coming from the girls' bedrooms as she drove off. Despite that, and being charged with arson, she denies she did it.

The father says that whoever set the fire did it inside the girls' bedrooms and even shut the doors so that the fire would be contained inside those two rooms.

Why on Earth go and start a fire in bedrooms? Preteen girls can be disrespectful, and, hey, if you don't like it, don't be around them.

Definitely has to be a better way of getting the point across that you don't like two young girls. Like, I dunno, quitting?!

And if she's guilty, how scary that she was watching the other children.


Image via Travis County Jail

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