Couple Arrested for Twisted Baby Plan Involving Young Relative

A husband and wife and the wife's mom are all facing charges over a young relative who says the husband raped her multiple times so that the she would conceive a baby for the pair. And allegedly the wife's mom stood by and watched it all happen.


Jeremy and Amanda Swann, both 29, of Alabama, were arrested after their young relative (her exact relation to them isn't identified) told authorities that the couple had forced her to have sex with Jeremy at least six times over a month so that she could become impregnated and have a baby for the pair.

Allegedly, Amanda's mother was aware of the rapes and did nothing to stop them. "She was present when all the sexual acts were going on," a Sheriff's Department investigator told The Selma Times Journal. "She was there. She heard the girl screaming, and she did nothing." Allegedly, the man used a ball to gag her screams, and the wife would help her to the bathroom after each assault. Reportedly, the girl is "mentally incapacitated."

The pair's alleged twisted plan was discovered when they went to the Department of Human Resources to try to get custody of the underaged girl, who lived with them and Amanda's mother, because they said that her mother was molesting the girl.

But when authorities interviewed the girl, she instead told them that Jeremy Swann had been raping her, with Amanda helping.

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If this is true, who knows what devious plan this couple had for any child that would have been born from this poor girl. Thank goodness the pair decided to go to police with what is allegedly a lie, because then the girl found the courage to tell investigators what was allegedly happening to her. Twisted all the way around.


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