Dad Says He Was Forced to Use Babysitter Accused of Killing His Baby Boy

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To lose a child is one of the most horrific things a parent can endure. Imagine that child dying at the hands of a caregiver, a person you are supposed to be able to trust. That is the nightmare dad Carlyle Williamson finds himself living through. His 20-month-old son's babysitter said that the boy died after she wrestled with him. Though she isn't the only person Williamson is blaming for the death. He says that the local government forced him to use this particular sitter.


Athena Skeeter has been charged with manslaughter and child endangerment after baby Cardell Williamson died in her care. She allegedly threw him to the floor and stepped on him during what she called a "wrestling match."

"I flipped him on to the bed. I had a lot of stuff on the bed. I lifted him by one arm and one leg and threw him to the floor. The floor was hardwood. I stepped on his stomach three times,” she told police. “I didn’t use full force. I then threw my son on top of Cardell and stepped on his stomach three times.”

However, cops say it was no game. She allegedly brutalized his little body, striking lethal blows before putting him into scalding water. Cardell's heartbroken father is now lashing out at the people who he says forced him to put his son in Skeeter's care. As part of the back-to-work program for former drug users, Williamson got free day care with specific city or state approved providers. He was assigned Skeeter.

His son came home with bumps and bruises, but Skeeter always had an excuse about the child falling. Another time when he came home all scraped up, she said he had fallen down the stairs because his shoes were too tight.

I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in the care of this person, but you have to comply with the rules to be a part of the back-to-work program,” he said.

It's a tragedy on many levels for Williamson. His brother says he has been clean and sober and fought hard for custody. Apparently, the child's mother is not a part of their lives. It's such a shame this woman was not monitored more closely. It's unbelievable the state relied on her to watch children -- a job she clearly was not qualified for.

Do you think the state is also to blame for Cardell's death?


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