Woman Arrested After Bringing Fake Baby Into Maternity Ward (VIDEO)

A woman caught bringing a creepily live-looking doll into a hospital maternity ward while wearing nurses' scrubs has been arrested. She was charged with misdemeanor trespassing after hospital staff began to suspect she and her husband, who was also found carrying a life-like doll, tried to enter the maternity ward. Police were concerned the couple may have wanted to switch the doll babies for the real thing. But Tonya Whitney insists it's all a big misunderstanding.


Whitney makes the baby dolls, which look shockingly real, right down to the wrinkles on their feet. She says she carries them with her everywhere for advertising purposes and that her husband was being treated at the hospital where she was caught with the doll. She says the babies give comfort to women who have lost a baby or can't have one. (Really?)

She claims she went to the maternity ward merely to ask if anyone wanted to buy a baby doll. She even claims one of the nurses had told her to visit the ward. It's unclear why she was wearing nurses' scrubs or how she got them, or even if this part of the story is correct (the reporter does not ask about this in the video).

In an interview, Whitney seems very apologetic and aware that she may have made people concerned. Frankly, she seems rather harmless. Perhaps it was all a misunderstanding, but it's good that security was tight and that police took her presence seriously.

Asking women who have just given birth or who perhaps have just lost a baby if they want to buy a baby doll doesn't quite make sense to me, but hey, dolls are not my thing. Seems a strange place to be hawking your wares, no matter what they are.

Still, it would suck to have your likeness plastered all over the city as a potential baby snatcher when you just wanted to bring some comfort to women.

Would this doll comfort you if you just lost a child?


Image via WPTV

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