Mom Arrested for Scamming 'Bucket List' Wishes for Daughter Who Wasn't Dying

A mother has been arrested for siphoning off cash and favors from the community after announcing that her 5-year-old daughter was dying of cancer. Turns out the girl was perfectly healthy. We've heard this story before, and it blows me away every time. In this case, Leatha Kaye Slauson, 30, of Atlantic, Iowa is accused of raising over $1,000 online for care her daughter didn't need, as well as getting the community to pay for a trip to Disney World to fulfill a last wish.


Other bucket list wishes were granted, such as the girl, who wanted to be a firefighter, getting to ride in a firetruck. Meanwhile, Slauson, who has four other children, was telling anyone who would listen, that her daughter's cancer had spread and she didn't have much time left.

Wow, you have to wonder if these mentally disturbed moms who give their kids fake cancer ever think these things through. What exactly are they going to say to people when the kid doesn't die?!

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As someone who has watched a 7-year-old relative REALLY die of cancer, I find these stories so offensive. I get that the moms (why is it always moms?) have deep-seated issues, but if they actually had to for one day watch their child ACTUALLY go through cancer treatment, and actually ask about dying, and actually look at the fear and confusion in his or her eyes -- would they understand this is nothing to pretend?? I really don't know. Some people are that screwed up.

The poor little girl thought she was dying. And so did the woman's husband and the girl's siblings. No family should be put through this deliberately.

Slauson apparently took it another step further too -- feeding her child cannibis oil that she didn't need -- and even going so far as to post a picture of her sucking on a cannibis oil pipe on Facebook.  She must have been so thrilled that she got some "likes" out of that.

The mom has been arrested, and the children are now in the care of their dad, who is said to be trying to figure out his next step. I hope it's to keep his children away from their mom for a long time, because she needs serious help.


Image via Atlantic, Iowa Police

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