Mom Allegedly Shoots Young Son to Show Him BB Guns Are Dangerous

A mother has been arrested for shooting her young son with a BB gun -- because he wouldn't stop playing with it. The mom, Courtney Kie-Marie Owens, 25, was trying to teach her son that a BB gun was nothing to be trifled with, so to drive home her point that BB guns hurt, she allegedly shot him.


The has a red swollen mark on his hip from where his mom allegedy aimed and fired the BB gun.

The mom told police she had just bought the BB gun but her 6-year-old wouldn't stop messing with it, so she fired at him to prove to him that the gun was dangerous. Hmm. BB guns don't shoot kids; moms with BB guns shoot kids. Or at least this one allegedly did. She's been charged with child endangerment and could face up to five years in prison.

We all know things kids play with that they shouldn't. Matches. Scissors. I don't think the solution to this is to burn the kid or cut his hand. You just have to keep telling a child over and over again that certain items are not for play.

Additionally, if a child is constantly playing with a BB gun when you don't want him to, how about getting rid of it? Or, at the very least, locking it up or placing it far out of reach?

I guess this mom thought she was teaching her kid a lesson he wouldn't forget, but unfortunately the lesson was, "Mom is freaking crazy."

How have you taught your kids not to play with dangerous things?


Image via Scott County District Sheriff's Office

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