Mom Says Special Needs Son's Bullying Was So Brutal He Lost a Body Part (VIDEO)

All stories about children being bullied are despicable, but this one is just beyond horrific. A mom claims her special needs child was the victim of sexual bullying at his school, and it was so bad, he had to have one of his testicles removed. Josefina Corona claims her 8-year-old son was subjected to terrible bullying at his school in South Los Angeles, and part of that bullying entailed another child squeezing his testicle.


The mom says that the boy was seriously injured and had to be rushed to the hospital, where he had to have one tescticle removed. This is horrific!

She also claims that her son was "constantly" slapped and kicked and that "nobody would do anything about the situation."

While this sounds so gruesome as to be almost unbelievable, this did take place at a school that had 75 staff members fired over child abuse allegations. This is also the same school where teacher Mark Berndt was arrested after pictures surfaced of him feeding semen-laced cookies to students.

Corona has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District, and if her allegations are true, I hope she gets some justice. The principal claims the school has made excellent progress -- but, really, where do you have to go but up after all that?

It would be easy to ask why Corona was sending her child to a school with that history, but not everyone has a choice of schools or can afford to move or pay for private school. Many parents are, unfortunately, stuck with rotten schools.

If what she says is true, this little boy's life has been totally altered forever over this disgusting act of bullying, which is more like sexual assault!

Has your child ever been bullied?


Image via NBCLA

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