Details About Amish Girls' Abduction Will Turn Your Stomach

More details are coming out about the shocking case of the two young Amish girls who were abducted from their vegetable stand in Oswegatchie, New York, and they will make your skin crawl. The couple arrested for kidnapping the girls, Nicole Vaisey and her boyfriend, father of three Stephen Howells Jr., reportedly lured the girls into their car with an old pedophile trick and then kept the girls chained to their bed for most of their terrifying abduction.


Vaisey and Howells are accused of using a puppy, which they tied to the inside of their car so the girls would have to lean in to see it, to get the girls' attention. (I hope someone saved this poor pooch!) But reportedly one of the girls got nervous on the way to the car and began screaming, so the couple quickly bundled them both into their vehicle and took off.

The girls reportedly spent most of the time they were in the alleged kidnappers' home shackled to their bed. Previous reports claimed they were molested. However, the pair are reportedly being charged with "intent" to sexually abuse the girls, which could mean that didn't happen. Let's hope not.

The pair had reportedly decided to go "shopping" for sex slaves, and remembered the girls from previous trips to their vegetable stand.

Although previous reports said the girls had escaped their captors, now it is coming out that the couple got scared because of all of the publicity the kidnapping was receiving, and they let the girls go. In that, they were extremely lucky. The publicity and their fear could have meant death for the girls -- as it did for Leiby Kletzky, the Hasidic boy abducted in Brooklyn, New York. His captor, Levi Aron, killed him when he became nervous over flyers posted all over town.

The girls reportedly went to the first house they saw, and the homeowner drove them home.

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A terrifying experience for these poor girls, but it could have been so much worse.


Image via St Lawrence County Sheriff's Office

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