Dad Accused of Leaving Kids in Car While He Drank Beat Up by Bar Patrons

A father of three was reportedly beat up by several patrons at a bar when they realized he had left his kids inside the car while he drank for hours inside the saloon. Joshua Delong was arrested after he was found bloody and lying on the ground outside of a bar in Ocala, Florida. Patrons had apparently taken it upon themselves to offer up some street justice after the allegedly drunk Delong tried to get into his car and drive with his three kids, who had been waiting for him while honking the horn and yelling, "Daddy!"


After Delong left the bar and reportedly tried to drive home, a security guard approached and tried to talk him out of it. That's when the guard says that Delong attacked him. Seeing this, another patron attacked Delong.

But that apparently wasn't the only beating he'd received that evening. Reportedly, Delong told police that earlier in the evening, several men had dragged him outside and beat him up for leaving his kids in the car. Not only that, the key was supposedly in the ignition when the three kids, ages 5, 7, and 8, were waiting out their dad's drinking binge.

Delong tried to say that his wife had dropped off the kids without his knowledge, but she denies that.

While it might be tempting to cheer on the bar patrons who decided to beat this guy to a pulp rather than let him drive home with his kids, the reality is that now these kids had to see their dad get pummeled on top of being neglected while he drank. Quite a capper to their awful evening.

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The patrons could have showed their concern for the children in other ways -- such as calling 911.

Do you think the dad deserved to get beat up?


Image via Ocala Police

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