Man Accused of Killing 2 Sex Offenders Says They Deserved It (VIDEO)

Do you ever wish you could get rid of all the pedophiles? This is what one man claims he was doing when he allegedly murdered his two sex offender roommates. The catch? He's a sex offender himself. Richard Atkisson of Tacoma, Washington, reportedly admitted that he killed his two roommates but says it was because the men were planning to have sex with young boys.


Atkisson has yet to be charged but is being held in connection with the murders of 20-year-old Michael Henderson and 66-year-old Joseph Moisa, both of whom were convicted sex offenders, as was Atkisson. The three of them lived together in a home that was routinely checked by authorities. During one check, the bodies of Atkisson's roommates were discovered.

Atkisson reportedly admitted that he killed them -- but his excuse is that they were "grooming" boys to be used for sex. He even claims one of the sex offenders asked Atkisson to bring his son for a visit. And that is apparently when he took it upon himself to dispatch with the both of them in a most gruesome manner. He allegedly beat them both to death with a pipe; when one didn't die right away, he reportedly tied a plastic bag over his head. One of the murdered men was a disabled vet who had a Purple Heart.

While some people may cheer this guy on, the fact is his is the only word anyone has that these two were planning sex crimes. And he has major incentive to lie.

Also, murder is no way to deal with a crime. How about calling the police and letting them know what you think you knew? Or telling one of the workers who regularly came to check the crew? Of course, people are saying he would have no way to prove the men were "grooming" and they would just deny it. But seriously you do not take the law into your hands like this.

The fact is anyone who could disagree with Atkisson is now dead. And he clearly isn't a very standup guy.

Do you think he deserves to be cut some slack?

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