7-Year-Old Boy Turns In His Mom for Cooking Meth

briana buchananIs this Breaking Bad meets Weeds meets real life? Meth making is not so glamorous and won't win you an Emmy when reality gets involved, sadly. Especially with young children. According to police, a Volusia County (why is it always Florida?) mother was arrested after her 7-year-old son reportedly told his mother's boyfriend's brother that she was making methamphetamine in the trunk of her car.

Briana Buchanan, 27, was arrested on Friday. Her son, heartbreakingly, showed the authorities "mommy's bad stuff in her car," said the police report.

The report also said that the boy told police, "Mommy goes to the store and lies to the people, saying she is sick and needs medicine."


Briana and her son were living with her boyfriend's brother, Peter, in Edgewater, Florida. Apparently, the 7-year-old told Peter that his mom was cooking "something bad." The boy was courageous enough to show Peter exactly what it was. Inside the car was drug paraphernalia, apparently sitting right next to some of the boy's toys. Police also found syringes filled with meth inside the woman's home. If these reports are true, this is definitely a woman who needs lots of help and who should not be raising another human being. Wow.

Peter called 911, and the operator told him to get away from the car because of how dangerous the ingredients are to cook meth. It's so sad that the mother was willing to expose her own child to these dangers just for her next fix/to make money. Addiction is a scary beast.

The boy also allegedly told Peter how exactly his mom manufactured the meth: "He said when they would get all this stuff together, they would put it all in a soda bottle, and they would shake the soda bottle and take the top off to, I guess, vent it out," Peter said.

That does not sound like the safest way to make meth, even if the only knowledge you have of the process goes back to your BB marathon days.

Police charged Buchanan with child neglect, possession of chemicals, meth and paraphernalia, and manufacturing and delivery of meth. They were investigating to see if she could be charged with trafficking meth, which has a harsher punishment.

The boy was taken in by his grandmother.

This poor kid! At 7 years old, knowing his mom was up to something, having the guts to tell another adult about it, realizing she was doing something dangerous but perhaps not knowing exactly what, yet following his instincts. This little guy is very brave and deserves a much better mother. Let's hope that this mom gets an appropriate sentence and that this little boy can grow up in a safe, drug-free environment.

What do you think this mom's punishment should be for exposing her son to this?


Image via police

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