Missing Pregnant Wife of Marine Found Dead in Mine Shaft

The body of a pregnant Marine's wife who has been missing for almost two months has been found 140 feet down an abandoned mine shaft. Her alleged lover, former neighbor Christopher Brandon Lee, has been arrested in connection with her murder. Jennifer Corwin went missing June 28 after telling her husband, Marine Cpl. Jonathan Corwin, that she was going to scout hiking trails to show her mother and sister. That was the last time she was seen alive.


Jennifer, who was in the early stages of pregnancy, was allegedly having an affair with her neighbor, Christopher Brandon Lee. When she told her husband she was off scouting trails, a friend told police she was really with Lee. Shortly after she left, her phone was turned off.

Investigators suspect that the unborn child may have belonged to Lee. Police say there was more evidence in the mineshaft, but refused to say what.

You have to wonder what happened that day. If Lee is guilty, did he kill her because she was pregnant?

And how terrible her husband must feel -- to not only learn that your wife is dead, but that she was allegedly having an affair too. And what if the child wasn't Lee's, but Corwin's?

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What a total and complete tragedy all around.

At least Jennifer's body was found so that whoever did this can be brought to justice.


Image via San Bernardino Sheriff's Office

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