2 Children Allegedly Living in 'House of Horrors' Saved by Their Own Abuser (VIDEO)

A couple have been accused of keeping two young kids in a "house of horrors" and subjecting them to horrible abuse and torture. Yet the man, Sean Pearson, says he was just "disciplining" them! Pearson and Jessica Rowland, of Lakeland, Florida, were arrested and charged with child abuse after Pearson himself called police because the children were being "unruly." But it was Pearson who got in trouble.


Once police arrived and saw the home and interviewed the children, the couple were placed under arrest. Reportedly, they made the children, who were 11 and 12 years old (their relationship to the couple hasn't been revealed), live in cages or the closet and force-shaved the 12-year-old girl's head.

The girl also had pills allegedly shoved down her throat to "keep her calm" -- they were pills that Pearson had reportedly been prescribed for bipolar disorder. They were also allegedly tied up and hung from a hook.

The children, a boy and girl, were also allegedly forced to fight each other, and if they failed to comply, the adults made fun of them.

Neighbors said they often heard the children screaming and that they were "pain" screams not "playful" screams. The neighbor finally called police when she said she saw Pearson hosing the naked children down outside in the yard.

Said the sheriff heading up the investigation:

You can't imagine treating your worst enemy or a rabid dog the way they treated these two babies.

Pearson reportedly claimed he was disciplining the kids and could "write a book" in discipline. Sounds like the kind of horror novel Stephen King would pen.

The children have been taken from the couple.

This man was so obviously out of touch that he apparently thought that when he called police about the children, they are the ones who would be punished. If the charges are true, he seemed to have zero idea that this kind of "discipline" is actually torture. Unspeakable.

But at least he called police -- on himself.

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