3-Year-Old Shot & Killed After Marine Vet Dad 'Kidnaps' Her From Grandparents

A Maryland father and disabled Marine veteran reportedly stabbed and shot his 3-year-old daughter before police killed him while chasing down his vehicle.

Frederick Roy Miller, 38, may have been involved in a dirty custody battle with his child’s mother when he allegedly kidnapped his daughter Laila from her maternal grandfather and great-grandmother after shooting them both at their homes. He then fled the scene with Laila in the backseat but only made it so far before police were on his heels.

What happened next is still up for debate -- and it isn’t entirely clear who shot little Laila.


As cops chased Miller, his car reportedly lost a wheel, so he stopped, exited the vehicle, and shot at police, according to reports. He got back into the car and sped off. The second time he stopped proved to be fatal. Police shot and killed Miller, whom they suspect was in a rage over custody issues that began after Laila was born and included the girl’s mother reportedly owing him more than $11,000.

Somewhere in the middle of the gun battle with police, Laila was also shot and died later at a nearby hospital.

A few questions came up as the investigation unfolded: were officers aware that a 3-year-old was in the car with Miller? And was it possible that one of their bullets killed the girl as they were exchanging fire with Miller?

Initial findings from the state medical examiner showed that Miller allegedly stabbed the girl and that he was responsible for shooting her, as well.

Laila's grandparents are reportedly in the hospital in critical condition. Her mother, who wasn't at the scene, was discovered unharmed.

Assuming all of these details are accurate, what do you think would drive a parent to hurt his or her child in this way?


Image via Daniel Lobo/Flickr

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