Teen Arrested for Murdering Mom on Vacation Says She's Pregnant (VIDEO)

A teen accused of killing her mother while on vacation in Bali reportedly claims she is pregnant. Heather Mack, 19, and her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, have been arrested in connection with the murder of Heather's mother, Sheila von Wiese Mack. The two had traveled to Bali from Illinois and were staying at the St. Regis Hotel. Several days later, Heather's boyfriend joined them, but that apparently caused a severe disruption, and the three were caught arguing in the lobby by the hotel surveillance camera. Soon, the teen and her 21-year-old boyfriend allegedly snuck out of the hotel but left behind their luggage. Inside of one suitcase, von Wiese Mack's battered body was found.


After the body was discovered, the pair were tracked down to another hotel on the island. Heather Mack is reportedly now claiming that she is suffering from an ectopic pregnancy and that she needs to return to the United States to receive proper care. Police believe the father of the supposed baby is her boyfriend, the other suspect in the murder.

Despite her potential pregnancy, which hasn't yet been confirmed, the couple had videotaped themselves drinking and partying weeks before the murder -- they allegedly used Heather's mom's credit card for that escapade.

According to friends, Heather and her mom had a tumultuous relationship, with one friend calling her a "vicious little monster." Police had reportedly been called to the home 86 times over the past few years for domestic disturbances. Friends had begged von Wiese Mack not to bring her daughter on what was described as her dream vacation. But they say the mom had hope when it came to her daughter and couldn't give up on her. That may have been a fatal mistake.

After the murder, the suspects checked into a hotel near the airport, again using von Wiese Mack's credit card. There, they allegedly had sex.

If the two are found guilty, they could face the firing squad. No wonder she wants to return to the U.S.!

If it's true she is pregnant, you have to feel for this poor baby.


Image via USTVb4x3/YouTube

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