Man Rapes Woman & Calls 911 on Himself

A man who allegedly raped a woman was caught and hauled off to jail, thanks to himself. The Florida man, Joel I. Jones, reportedly raped a woman who'd answered an ad on Craigslist about cleaning rooms, and as she ran away from the scene, he called 911 and dropped a dime on himself.

Reportedly, when police arrived, he was crying and insisted that officers note that the crime was "premeditated." Sounds like a guy who desperately wants to be in prison.


Jones had already served time for sex crimes he was convicted of in 1991 and an eight-year sentence for second-degree murder -- is it possible that he missed prison so badly, he wanted to be returned there, to the point of committing the type of crime he knew would land him back there for a long time?

Or is this just a man who simply can't control his violent sexual urges and knows it, and he had an attack of conscience right after the rape and wanted to be removed from society so it wouldn't happen again?

Anyway, this is pretty baffling. You don't hear too often about people calling 911 on themselves right after the crime, though plenty do confess to crimes once they're interrogated. Maybe he just thought he'd save himself some time.

Unfortunately, whatever was going on in his mind, a woman was raped. While it's great that he 'fessed up so quickly -- you really wish all criminals would -- you also wish it would have not happened at all. That would have been the ideal outcome.

Why do you think he called 911 on himself?


Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

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