Mom & 10-Year-Old Daughter Murdered After Discovery of Horrible Secret

A mom who walked in on the most horrible thing imaginable paid for that with her life. Police believe that foster mom Joan Colbert walked in on her cousin, Brian Farmer, taking sexually explicit photographs of Colbert's 10-year-old foster daughter. They believe that after she confronted Farmer, he killed both her and the girl.

Mom and foster child were both found dead of strangulation in their Long Branch, New Jersey, home. Police eventually found photos of the girl on Farmer's cellphone and were able to piece together what they believe happened. Farmer allegedly forced the girl to perform a sexual act as well as engage in sexual acts with him while he recorded it.


After the pair were found murdered, a relative says Farmer actually came to the funeral and hugged him and asked how he was doing.

You can only imagine how the mom felt walking in on this kind of horrific sight -- and the chaos that would have erupted. Which one of us wouldn't be enraged and threaten the man? Unfortunately, this allegedly spelled doom for both her and the girl.

Farmer already had a violent criminal record. He once raped a 15-year-old girl at knife-point. He also tied up the girl and her mother and held them hostage for three days before they escaped. He then burned down their home. Sounds like this man shouldn't have been free to roam around, let alone be near a 10-year-old girl. It's unclear if Colbert knew of his history. 

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It's a tragedy that this girl was seemingly rescued from the clutches of this registered sex offender by her foster mother, only to have them both fall prey to evil.


Image via New Jersey Sex Offender Registry

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