New Details About Kidnapped Teen Abigail Hernandez Are Heartbreaking

Abby HernandezMystery still shrouds the case of Abigail "Abby" Hernandez, the New Hampshire teen who went missing last fall. Nearly nine months after she vanished without a trace, she inexplicably turned up at her family's home in July. But new details and allegations are emerging and shedding light onto what happened to Abby.

Shortly after Abby came home, police arrested 34-year-old Nathaniel Kibby for charges related to her kidnapping, and now her lawyer has released a statement describing how the 15-year-old was "violently abducted."


Michael Coyne, the family's attorney, released a statement on their behalf:

Abby needs and wants some time and space to physically and emotionally heal. It is going to be a long process in pursuit of justice for Abby and for Abby to get physically and emotionally stronger. We do not intend to have this case tried in the press. As the justice system moves forward, and the evidence is revealed, questions about this horrific event will be answered. Abby was violently abducted by a stranger. For many months, she suffered numerous acts of unspeakable violence. Through her faith, fortitude, and resilience, she is alive today and home with her family.

There had been questions initially that the teen had run away, and the family's hesitancy to discuss the circumstances of her reappearance upset some of the people who had put so much time and effort into searching for her. But if these allegations are true, it's no wonder they're not ready to make any statements to the press.

Abby's mom, Zenya Hernandez, did make an appearance on NBC's Today after they were reunited and said that Abby was thin, pale, and malnourished. She said her daughter had "a look in her eyes I've never, ever seen before. And that's something that's haunting me, and I think will haunt me for the rest of my life."

We may never know exactly what happened to Abby, but from the sounds of it, the poor girl has been through a horrifying experience. Hopefully with time and love, she'll be able to not just physically heal, but emotionally heal too -- because those are scars that run much deeper.

Do you think the family is doing the right thing keeping Abby out of the media spotlight?


Image via Bring Abby Home/Facebook

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