Dog the Bounty Hunter Back in the News for Bizarre Reason

Dog the Bounty HunterThere's nothing remotely funny about the horrible beating adult star Christy Mack allegedly received at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, MMA fighter Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver. Mack is recovering from an absolutely nightmarish roundup of injuries, including 18 broken bones around her eyes, a broken nose, missing and broken teeth, a fractured rib, and a severely ruptured liver. It's a grim story that's made headlines in part because Koppenhaver is now on the run from police, while creepily protesting his innocence via Twitter ("I'm not a bad guy").

Forgive me, though, if I confess I am mildly amused by the fact that Duane Chapman has stepped up to publicly announced he'll come after Koppenhaver if he doesn't surrender to police on his own. Oh sorry, by "Duane Chapman," I meant DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER.


I honestly did not know Dog the Bounty Hunter was still bounty hunting for reality television purposes, but apparently he's got a new gig with CMT called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. He's still rocking that sweet-ass mullet, his skin is still an unusual orange tone, and the cameras still love his wife Beth's hooters, though, so basically ... same old Dog.

Although he's maybe brushed up on his marketing skills, because announcing his intent to go after Koppenhaver definitely seems like a publicity stunt. Here's what he's been posting on Twitter:

While these tweets -- show hashtags and all -- have more than a whiff of self-promotion, Chapman says he was actually contacted by friends of the victim who wanted to put him on the case since police searches have come up short. He's also fairly well connected with the MMA world, so it may be that there's a personal aspect to this too.

The best PR Chapman could possibly get is if he actually finds the dude, so even though this all makes for some silly headlines ("DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER SEARCHES FOR WAR MACHINE"), I'm hoping he's successful. Koppenhaver is currently wanted for seven arrest warrants -- two felony batteries, one for strangulation; two felony domestic violence with great bodily injury, felony coercion with the threat of force, felony assault with a deadly weapon, and misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon -- so any help tracking him down is surely a good thing.

Do you think Dog will end up finding this fugitive? (And will it all be captured for his reality show?)

Image via CMT

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