Mom's Body Found Stuffed in Suitcase at Exclusive Resort, Daughter Arrested

A mother and daughter on a dream trip to paradise ended up in a harrowing nightmare after the mom's dead body was found half-naked, bloody, and stuffed into a suitcase. Even more harrowing? Police believe it was her daughter who put her there. Sheila von Wiese Mack, a 62-year-old widow from Illinois, was staying in the fancy St. Regis hotel in Bali with her 19-year-old daughter when, after several days, the daughter's boyfriend joined them. That's when things took a turn for the worst.


The night that daughter Heather's boyfriend, 21-year-old Tommy Schaeffer, arrived in Bali, surveillance cameras caught the mom and boyfriend arguing in the hotel lobby.

The next day, the couple checked out and sent suitcases to a waiting taxi. But instead of getting in the taxi, the couple reportedly snuck out of the back of the hotel. After waiting for two hours, the taxi driver brought the suitcases to police, who opened them. Inside of one case was Sheila von Wiese Mack lifeless body. Reportedly, she had died due to trauma about the head with "blunt tools."

Police hunted down the couple, who originally said they had been kidnapped and von Wiese Mack killed. But police say the story did not hold up, and the two were arrested.

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Obviously, this luxury vacation went horribly wrong. It's not the kind of place you think you'll meet a violent end: In Bali, at an exclusive hotel, with the daughter you love. Something went horribly, tragically wrong here, and hopefully if the daughter and boyfriend are responsible, they will pay. My guess is the two will blame each other; that's usually what happens.


Image via NBC 5

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