Homeschooled Teen Arrested for Killing 'Strict' Parents

A homeschooled teen in Frisco, Texas, who was never allowed to view violence in media, has been arrested for killing his parents. The 16-year-old unnamed boy reportedly had "strict" parents who monitored what he ate, what he watched, and what he did online. Yet despite such hugely involved parents, the teen reportedly gunned them down.


The teen was the youngest of Ryan and Elena Callins. He reportedly went to a public elementary and middle school but was homeschooled for high school, which a neighbor said he preferred.

The parents also reportedly didn't allow him to drink soda or watch violence on TV, and had Clear Play, which skipped over all of the violent parts in movies. A teen who played with the suspect told KXAS:

They didn't allow any PG-13 movies, and if they did they would have it on Clear Play, which would take all the violent moments and skip it. So there was pretty much no violence in that family.

Neighbors also said they didn't believe the parents owned a gun and had no idea where he would have gotten a firearm.

Of course, no one knows what went on here, but it sounds like these were parents who were super-involved in what went into their children's bodies and minds. And that is a good thing. For every story we hear like this -- and I'm not sure I've heard one like this before -- we hear many stories about kids who were obsessed with violent video games and movies committing violence.

We don't know if the teen had mental or emotional issues. We don't know if maybe the parents were "strict" or simply involved and caring. After all, watching what your teen does online isn't a bad idea at all.

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It's always astonishingly horrible to think that you could give birth to a beloved baby who grows up to kill you.

Police have not established a motive in the alleged murders.

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