Mom Drops Autistic Daughter at Hospital Because She 'Couldn't Do It Anymore' (VIDEO)

A couple in Georgia have been arrested for keeping their autistic teen in a feces- and urine-soaked closet. Mother Jade Jacobs has been arrested and police are on the hunt for her husband, William Brown. The 15-year-old teen first came to authorities' attention when Jacobs dropped the girl off at a local hospital, telling doctors she "just couldn't do it anymore."


Police believe the girl was starved too, since she weighed only 60 pounds when she came to the hospital. The mom reportedly said the girl refused to eat; however, nurses said she was eager to eat.

Doctors also reportedly saw bruises all over the girl's body, possibly indicating abuse, and wounds that may have indicated being restrained.

The teen, who reportedly was autistic but may also have had a head injury that led to developmental issues, was allegedly kept in the 2-by-2-foot closet-like space with only a mattress, which reeked of feces and urine.

Jacobs has been jailed on child cruelty and false imprisonment charges.

The girl's developmental problems may have been completely difficult for the parents to deal with, but this is definitely not the solution. Did the mom seek out help? Was she able to find any?

The pair also had three other children in the house, all of which have been removed, though they had no signs of abuse. Jacobs was found guilty of child endangerment 14 years ago, but it is unclear if the child in that case is this child.

Not all parents are cut out to deal with the very real problems of children who have severe learning difficulties, but it is imperative to seek out help, counsel, and to at the very least treat a child with disabilities as a human being worthy of love and respect. There is never any excuse for starving a child -- if that happened. And no matter how problematic a child might be, not cleaning up feces or urine is inexcusable.

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However, at least the mom brought the child to a hospital. So much worse could have happened.

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