Jealous Woman Arrested for Extreme Attempt to Stop Husband From Cheating

Jealousy can make you do crazy things. Like, really nutsoid. Take a woman in Canada accused of scaling a barbed-wire fence on an airport tarmac so she could stop a plane. Yes, run out in front of it, wave her hands, and stop the damn thing from taking off -- with her husband inside of it. The husband who was on his way to see another woman -- or so she thought. Police arrested the woman at Halifax International Airport after she somehow eluded security, jumped a barbed-wire fence, and dashed over the tarmac to get in front of a plane about to take off.


Said a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

I’ve been there [for more than] eight years and this is the first incident of its kind that I’m aware of.

The woman managed to get past three meters of barbed wire and evade cameras, heat sensors, and motion detectors. Although security did spot her as soon as she got on the runway, and apparently no planes came near her.

So what on Earth would cause a woman to put her life at risk this way? Possibly it was that green-eyed monster, jealousy. An airline employee said that the woman first approached him asking to stop one of their planes because she believed her husband was on board and on his way to meet with another woman. When he refused, she managed to get on to the tarmac. Said the employee:

She was literally going to try to stop the plane.

After the woman was corralled, security managed to call the husband, who indicated he was not on a plane.

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There is nothing like the panic of realizing you might be about to lose the one you love to someone else -- but this takes it way too far. I hope this woman gets some therapy. And she realizes that if a man wants to fly off to see another woman, best to let him go. Instead of rushing to the airport, rush to the locksmith and make sure he stays out.

Has jealousy ever made you do something out of character?


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