Man Arrested for Killing 1-Year-Old During Diaper Change

A Tampa, Florida, man has been arrested for the most heinous of crimes: He is accused of beating his girlfriend's 1-year-old son to death because the baby urinated on him during a diaper change. Austin Hamilton was reportedly taking care of his girlfriend's two children, ages 1 and 6, in a motel room while his girlfriend was at work. He called 911 when the boy, Sincere Williams, began having trouble breathing.


Police officers arrived but it was tragically too late. The little boy died later at the hospital. The medical examiner's office determined that the baby had died of blunt force trauma to the lower abdomen.

At first, Hamilton reportedly denied he had disciplined or touched the boy in any way that might have caused him harm. But later on, he reportedly admitted that he had disciplined the boy with a leather belt after the child peed during a diaper change.

Police say Hamilton admitted he "lost control" and hit the poor little boy several times all over his body with the belt. He then said he tried to pick the victim up but the child fell and hit his head.

Ugh, this makes me absolutely sick. This boy was only being a child by peeing in his diaper. He certainly did not mean it. And disciplining a 1-year-old with a belt is horrific and abusive.

This poor little boy didn't deserve to die this way, nor did his 6-year-old brother need to see such a demented act, which may scar him for life.

Hamilton has been charged with first degree murder.


Image via Jako Jellema/Flickr

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