Cooper Harris' Mother Finally Speaks Out About Husband's Sexting While Her Son Died

The mother of Cooper Harris, the toddler who died after being left in a hot car by his father, Justin Ross Harris, has fallen under suspicion ever since his father has been charged with child cruelty murder. But her lawyer, Lawrence Zimmerman, is now convinced she will not be charged too. He says the state sent her a victim impact statement, which it would only do if she was not considered a suspect. (The state says it was legally required to send the form and wouldn't clear her in a statement.) Leanna Harris has spoken out about her son's death and for the first time also some of the evidence in her husband's preliminary hearing, specifically that he was sexting several women while their son died.


In her victim impact statement, Leanna wrote:

The death of my son is still unreal. Not a moment goes by when I don't think about him or what our future would have held. The amount of grief this has caused is indefinable, it cannot be explained in words or emotions. I now live a tortured existence. I depend on my Lord for strength and guidance.

As for her toddler, Cooper, broiling to death in a hot car while her husband, Ross, sexted women, including one teenager, she said:

Whatever issues that transpired in our marriage is between God and us, for He will judge those moral sins. The rush to judgement by the public and the mainstream media has left me with little confidence in our legal system and our society.

While I agree there has been a huge rush to judgment, it's not that surprising given some of the evidence detailed in Ross's preliminary hearing. Whether or not Ross's sexting meant he wanted to be rid of his son is up to a jury (should that particular bit of information make it to a jury), however, Leanna's failure to at least blame her husband for not paying better attention to what was going on with their son is strange. Then again, she may just be sick and tired of having to justify not only herself, but her marriage, in the public eye.

Leanna maintains that her husband would have never killed Cooper on purpose, saying:

Ross was a wonderful father, and he loved Cooper with all of his heart. Because i saw how he treasured our little boy for 22 months, I know without a doubt he could never have knowingly allowed any harm to come to our son. I want you to know what a loving father he was.

I do feel for both Leanna and Ross in one way -- if they did not plan this, then it is the most horrific thing that could happen to them and they are being blamed for it. That must be unbelievably traumatic. It is also true that you can have a crappy marriage and still love your child.

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Unfortunately, what is also true is that Ross seems to have been living a double life. And people who live double lives are going to have their actions and character called into question.

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