Grandma Arrested for Letting Kids Do Something Unforgivable (VIDEO)

Mothers get judged a lot, often unfairly, but oh my god, sometimes they deserve it. This is one of those times. A Florida woman has been arrested on animal cruelty charges after she allowed her two grandchildren to tie up the family dog and string him from the ceiling of the car. The kids seem to think it's hilarious -- the dog looks distressed. The grandma then thought so much of the pic that she actually posted it to Facebook, probably thinking it would get her some laughs. What it got her was arrested.


Soon after the photo went up, calls began pouring into Bay County law enforcement offices. A petition started to get Retta Bozeman, the grandma who posted the photo, arrested. It has so far received almost 30,000 signatures.

Eventually Bozeman was arrested on animal cruelty charges, and the dog, including two others in her home, were taken from her (including one service dog). Since the charge is a misdemeanor, it's unlikely she will get more than a slap on the wrist.

Not only is Bozeman's idea of what her grandkids should get to do for fun completely off-base, but posting the photo of them was terrible judgment as well. These kids will hopefully grow up to be empathetic adults and will probably look back at this behavior and be mortified. So imagine having that following you around your entire life.

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Anyway, the cops were right there to go after the grandmother, even though she technically didn't abuse the dog. It's up to adults to step in and correct when kids default to their animalistic selves.

But just in case you think the mom gets off the hook here since grandma is the one who allowed this, unfortunately mom seems to think it's A-okay behavior too. The mom, who would only give her first name, Katie, told WJHG:

My mom posted the kids were playing animal rescue. They had seen it on TV. It wasn't intentionally trying to harm the dog in any ways. But my mom posted it on Facebook and a whole lot of people took it the wrong way and it wasn't meant to be like that.

Oh reeeeeaaaalllly? Just because your kids decide to do some cockamamie thing they've seen on TV doesn't mean YOU ALLOW IT! Plus, the rescue show showed a wild animal of some kind being pulled from beneath a hole -- not quite the same thing!

Anyway, no one "took" anything the wrong way. The wrong way is easily observable from the picture. Perhaps it's Katie and Retta who see things the "wrong way."

Do you think she should have been arrested?



Image via WJHG

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