Baby Saved From Bathroom Trashcan Across the Street From a Safe Haven

A newborn baby boy almost lost his life last Friday night, but thanks to the shrewd observation and kindness of others, he is now in stable condition and doing well. That night, workers at United Technology Carrier Corporation heard what they thought were animal noises coming from the trashcan in a women's restroom.

What they found instead was a baby, so new his umbilical cord was still attached. His mother, 22-year-old Briana Holland, had allegedly given birth to him while on break from her job and, not knowing what to do, placed him in the garbage and covered him up. 


Her co-workers were understandably horrified to find the little guy, who reportedly had tissue paper wrapped more than a dozen times around his neck, a plastic tampon applicator in his mouth, and was stuffed inside two paper bags. He was cold, purple, and non-responsive when one of the workers placed him inside a safety vest to keep him warm until emergency workers could get there.

His condition was initially critical, but he's now stable. The baby's father, whom Holland had apparently recently broken up with, didn't even know she was pregnant. He intends to seek custody of his son.

The most tragic part of this is that across the street from the Indiana factory was a fire station -- a designated Safe Haven location. Briana could've taken him there and handed him over to people who would've cared for him and found him a home, no questions asked.

"It happened so close to the firehouse, and I know it bothered a lot of the responders," Wayne Township Fire Department Capt. Mike Pruitt told The Indianapolis Star. "We understand that people can get into stressful situations, but we never want someone making the choice that this young lady is accused of making. We encourage everyone to seek help."

The young mom was formally charged this week with neglect, battery, and attempted murder.

According to reports, she told detectives that the child wasn't making any sounds when he was born, and her main concern was getting him in the trash can and covering him up. She said she knew he would die, but that she wasn't "cool" with it. I'm going to assume she thought he was dying anyway, even though it doesn't excuse this one little bit.

The upside to this story is that not only is this little guy going to be just fine, but it's an opportunity to shine some light on Safe Havens for mothers who might otherwise be tempted to commit such an act.

If you're pregnant and in trouble and need to know more about Safe Haven laws, click here to find out where you can safely take your child, no questions asked.

Do you know about Safe Haven laws in your state?


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