Cop Parents Charged With Killing Their 18-Year-Old Daughter's Boyfriend

A married couple, both police officers, were arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for gunning down a 19-year-old boy, who cops say is Jeremey Lake, their 18-year-old daughter's boyfriend. The young man reportedly took in the teen after her mom and dad kicked her out of their house.

Shannon and Gina Kepler, who have both been cops for 24 years each, turned themselves in after their daughter, Lisa, reportedly called the police department to report that her parents killed her boyfriend and then shot a gun at her. Lisa told reporters she hoped her parents would "rot in prison for a very long time."


Of course, the burning question in most of our minds is: how does something like this just happen? According to the Keplers' friends, trouble has been brewing within the family for years. Shannon and Gina reportedly adopted Lisa when she was 6. They found out the little girl was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, which is when a bond or attachment isn't easily formed and behavioral issues can result.

The suspects reportedly adopted Lisa's younger sister, too, and spent a lot of money to help treat their daughter. Their friends say nothing worked and they were at the end of their rope after she had been kicked out of several programs. They reportedly recently dropped Lisa off in front of a homeless shelter in Tulsa.

The teen says she met Jeremey at the shelter and he invited her to stay with him at his family's home.

Jeremey and Lisa were walking by his home on the night the incident took place when her parents allegedly drove up to them in an SUV. Lisa says Jeremey attempted to approach them and introduce himself when Shannon fired a gun at him and killed him. The girl then hid behind bushes while her father shot at her before he and her mother sped away, according to Lisa.

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Shannon is being charged with first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill, while his wife is accused of being an accessory to murder. The couple is being held without bail.

Assuming they are guilty, why do you think this teen's parents would resort to murder?


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