Teacher Arrested for Showing Up Drunk & Pantsless on First Day

Drunk Teacher Mugshot

Talk about starting the school year off with a bang! Or a thud, as the case may be, for one Oklahoma teacher, who found herself arrested for showing up drunk on the first day of school. Oh yeah, she wasn't wearing pants either. Shaking. My. Head.

Newly hired teacher Lorie Ann Hill was caught with her pants down (literally) at Wagoner High School on Monday, in an empty classroom she claimed as her own. It was the first day for teachers, although students won't start until Thursday. Thank goodness for that!


The 49-year-old didn't check in before entering an empty classroom, allegedly removing the bottom half of her clothing and parking it, much to the alarm of the other teachers and staff, who did not recognize her.

Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley said, "They didn't know who she was." It wasn't too difficult for law enforcement to figure out that Hill was under the influence and, upon searching her car, found traces of vodka in a cup. No word on whether or not it was a red solo cup.

Since they didn't have any evidence she drank the alcohol before she drove to her first day at school, she was spared a DUI but was booked for public intoxication.

Man, I know high school kids can be rough to deal with sometimes, but there are certain standards teachers need to uphold. You know, like not showing up drunk on your first day. And wearing pants. That sort of thing.

Would you be horrified if you found out your kids' teacher was drinking on the job?


Image via Wagoner Police Department

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