Couple Allegedly Lock Child in Cage for Weeks Because He 'Liked It'

A couple have been arrested for allegedly locking a 7-year-old in an outdoor cage for three weeks as punishment. Jena Harman and her boyfriend, Alexander Smith, built a six-by-five-foot cage out of cattle wood in Laramie, Wyoming, and allegedly placed Harman's kid it in for three weeks, hardly letting him out. The child (whose gender has not been identified) even went to the bathroom in the cage.


The child was allegedly kept in the cage during all types of weather, including storms, and used a five-gallon bucket for bathroom duties. Allegedly, the child only ate once a day -- if anyone remembered to feed him or her.

The couple reportedly said they kept the child in the cage because he or she was "constantly doing bad things."

But the boyfriend also reportedly said the most astonishing thing ever: That the child "liked" the cage! In fact, he reportedly called it a "playpen."

Well, if so, then how is that punishment? And even if a child does like being in a cage (kids can like being in small enclosures like tree houses, etc.), you don't keep him or her in one for three weeks through all kinds of weather, barely letting the kid out! What a despicable excuse and what a way to blame the victim!

Since the cage also allegedly had a chain lock on it, this doesn't sound remotely like play time.

The couple face up to 20 years, and if convicted, they certainly deserve it. Let's see them "like" being in a cage for 20 years.

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Sadly, authorities reportedly began getting calls about child welfare endangerment a year ago, but obviously nothing was done or this child wouldn't have had go through this alleged horror.


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