Man Desperately Clings to Front Door as Intruders Try to Break In (WATCH)

One of my worst repeating nightmares is clinging to my front door as someone tries to break in from the outside. Add to that clinging to the front door while naked, and you not only have a terrible nightmare, but a terrible reality as experienced by a 58-year-old man in Shropshire, England. Simon Barnsley was awoken by a noise in his house at 1 a.m. and went to his home's surveillance cameras to see what was happening. He was surprised to see two thugs trying to batter down his basement door. Naked, the man rushed to the door, his terrified wife beside him, and clung to the handle as the men tried to force their way inside.


Barnsley, who had retired to the quaint town from London with his wife for a more quiet lifestyle, calmly told the invaders he was recording them, but that only seemed to make them more violent, as they then began kicking and smashing at the door, with the frightened homeowner on the other side, desperately trying to keep them out. He told the Daily Mail:

It was quite terrifying and it all happened while I was completely naked. I was holding the handle and leaning on the door with my full weight but they were still breaking though. I told them I was recording them and you would think they would leave after that but they just got more irate.

In my worst panic dream, I run back and forth between my childhood home's two doors, back and front, as someone on the outside tries to get in. I will just close one door when I'll remember the other one is open and run to try and close that one. And on and on it goes.

Unfortunately, this poor man was actually awake, and it was really happening. Fortunately, however, the homeowner, who describes himself as "quite fit for my age," was able to keep the door shut. Finally, the two thugs left, though they returned briefly to pick up pepper spray left outside the door. He thinks their plan was to pepper spray them and rob the house.

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Barnsley says the "brutal" experience won't make them move, though he does say it has "changed my view of humanity."

Truly terrifying. Check it out:

What would you have done?


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