Pregnant Teen Charged in Mom's Murder Has Strange Excuse For the Killing

A pregnant teen has been charged in the murder of her mother -- supposedly because the mom wanted her to get an abortion. Alyssa Barrett, 17, and her baby's father, Damarius McGriggs, have been charged with stabbing DeCarol Deloney-Cain to death. McGriggs told police they did it because the mother, DeCarol Deloney-Cain, wanted her daughter to have an abortion. But sounds like there's other nefarious things going on here too.


According to court documents, the pair not only planned to kill the mom after she received her paycheck as an United Airlines flight attendant, but that Barrett had "frequently talked of robbing and/or killing her mother." She and her boyfriend also reportedly pawned her mom's computer.

Reportedly after she was stabbed to death, Deloney-Cain was wrapped in garbage bags, a pillow case was put on her head, and she was stuffed into her car's trunk. When people noticed that Deloney-Cain was missing and began asking questions, her daughter apparently told them her mom had moved to China.

Her body was discovered a few days later in the abandoned car on a side street in Gary, Indiana.

While McGriggs may be trying to gain sympathy by saying the motive for the crime was the mom's desire for their baby to be aborted, the fact that they pawned a computer and allegedly plotted the crime around her payday speaks more to a financial motive. Besides, what good does it to do kill someone who wants you to abort a baby? Soon, you'll be in prison and won't be able to take care of the child anyway.

This is an egregious crime, and there is no excuse. Not even if what they say is true, and we only have an alleged killer's word for it. People are allowed to give you advice you may not want -- happens all the time!


Image via Lake County Sheriff's Office

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