Man Charged With Assaulting 17-Year-Old Girl in Middle of Concert Crowd

Keith UrbanThere's been an awful development in that story about a Keith Urban concert devolving into an alcohol-fueled mess last Saturday near Boston. In the days that immediately followed, reports surfaced that over 50 people had been arrested and nearly as many treated for alcohol-related illnesses, and the whole thing sounded faintly ridiculous -- like what the hell, country fans, maybe ease back on the partying a little? But horribly, it's now been revealed that a man was arrested during the concert and accused of rape. Worse, this alleged rape happened in front of the crowd, who did nothing to help the 17-year-old victim. In fact, some people took cellphone videos of the incident.

As for Keith Urban, he's released a statement expressing his dismay over just how badly things fell apart at his Mansfield concert.


A 18-year-old Boston man named Sean Murphy was arrested at the concert for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl. The incident happened in the lawn area of the venue, after Murphy and the girl met and consumed alcohol together. They were seen kissing near a concession stand, then witnesses observed them having intercourse in the lawn section. These witnesses also began photographing and videoing the two of them.

One witness said the reason she took photos is because she thought the sex was consensual:

My friend told me to look over there and there was a couple on the ground having intercourse. So we looked at it, and we took pictures and we thought it was consensual.

A (goddamned heroic) woman finally intervened and asked the girl if the sex was in fact consensual, and the girl said no. That's when police were called in and Murphy was taken into custody.

Murphy's lawyer is claiming that what people saw wasn't a sexual assault:

There are no allegations of force or violence against him. This was a private act that regrettably occurred in a public place. Mr. Murphy deeply regrets this incident and I am sure the young woman does as well. The young woman was neither intoxicated nor overcome by drugs at the time. Mr. Murphy has no criminal history whatsoever.

Ugh, terrible. No way to know what really went down, of course, but if the girl said no when asked if she'd agreed to have sex, something had gone wrong, and I'm guessing alcohol played a big part in this.

Urban has released a statement regarding the alleged rape:

My team and I were horrified to learn of the events reported in Boston this past weekend and our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected. This type of behavior stands in stark contrast to the spirit of our shows.

I don't even know what to say, it's beyond sad that the crowd not only got so out of control they ended up flooding emergency rooms and police stations, but that something like this happened. Even at the rowdiest show I ever went to, I never saw people gleefully recording a public sex act. It's just depressing so many patrons sat back and took photos instead of checking to make sure the girl was okay.

Are you surprised to hear about this alleged crime?

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